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IMEN Anti Virus Software for DOS


IMEN Anti Virus software for DOS , in addition to clean viruses in DOS environment , can be used in Windows 9X , in Safe Mode or Command Prompt mode . In order to the software lock which can not be run in  Windows environment , the IMEN Anti Virus dose not be run in Windows 9X normal environment .

In Windows 2000 , Windows NT and Windows XP cases , if there is not any NTFS partitions , the software could be run after rebooting the system by a Windows 98 bootable diskette .

It is necessary to mention that IMEN Virus-Finder can run in all environments without any problem .



IMEN Anti Virus Software Advantages


The First Supporter Of Spread Viruses (Iranian / Foreign) in Iran:

Due to this laboratory wild communications with its users, it receives spread viruses  promptly and so its anti virus could be provided as soon as possible.


The Best  Supporter  Of Iranian Viruses:

Since the Iranian viruses are not often spread internationally, so foreign anti virus softwares can manage to find them only in limited cases and among these can clean just a few percent of them.


Complete Cleaning Of The viruses Detected By IMEN Anti Virus:

Foreign anti virus software's usually can not clean the virus which they detect, but IMEN Anti Virus software is able to clean all the viruses that detects.


Accessible Software Designers:

As the IMEN Anti Virus software designers are Iranian (so they are in Iran!) and are accessible via telephone or by meet them, so if users confront any problems, they could simply contact them and solve their problem.


Bilingual Software:

Since the IMEN Anti Virus is a bilingual software (Persian / English), it is suitable for the Iranian users especially the inexpert one. All users with having any information about computer can use the software easily.


Easy Transfer:

IMEN Anti Virus is presented on diskettes and in order to has a software lock, so it runs only from diskette and there is no need to install it.


Viruses Can Not Infect The IMEN Anti Virus:

As IMEN Anti Virus is presented on diskettes and diskettes are Write Protected, so even while viruses are active in memory, Anti Virus executable program does not be infected.


Inactivating The Viruses In Memory  Without Any Need To Boot The System By a Bootable Diskette:

IMEN Anti Virus software is the  only software that first inactivates the viruses in memory and then begins the cleaning process. Therefore there is no need to reboot the system by a bootable diskette.


Publishing The Professional Newsletter About Computer Viruses:

All computer users in Iran as they wish, could be subscribed freely by sending the Newsletter subscription form or only by ringing the laboratory. In addition these, you can subscribe yourself through filling the internet form.


Wide Distribution Network:

This software which has more than 50 authorized distributors in Iran, is one of the widest software distribution network.




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